Welcome to Arbitrary Arbitrary Resources was created in 2006 by former Tektronix employees with more than 40 years of combined experience. in sales, marketing, and product development in many T&M areas. Arbitrary Resources is backed by the Barcelona Activa entrepreneurship organization, run by the Barcelona City Council and strongly oriented to technology companies. Arbitrary Resources has been recognised as an EIBT (Innovative Technology Company) by the ANCES organization and the EU. Our knowledge of the T&M field and our experience solving measurement problems and requirements in a wide variety of application areas for advanced instrumentation, make us the best choice if you want a reliable source of solutions. We are specially focused on time and frequency domain instrumentation such as Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG), Didital Storage Oscilloscopes, and Vector Spectrum Analyzers (VSA) in application areas such as wireless, digital broadcasting, and serial data analysis and synthesis. Our experience working in an international environment with companies of very different sizes makes us the right partner for your next project. We can help you to reach new markets and break the application knowledge barriers by providing you with application specific software and technical and commercial training.
Joan Mercadé
General Manager
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