ArbIQ (Wireless Signal Creation Software for AWGs)
19 MByte, pdf
1 MByte, pdf
44 MBytes, rar
DBA (Digital Broadcast Analysis)
1 MByte, pdf
2 MBytes, pdf
600 KBytes, pdf
5 MBytes, pdf
3 MBytes, pdf
Trial Version (v 1.0.7b)
3 MBytes, msi
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TekVISA (v 3.3)
109 MBytes (External Link), Required to run DBA
46 MBytes, Quadrature Impairment in OFDM Systems Simulation Tool
Articles, App Notes, and Books


Agilent Book: "Fundamentals of Arbitrary Waveform Generation. A High Performance AWG Primer", December 2012
Agilent App Note: "Complex Modulation Generation with Low-Cost AWGs", August 2012
EDN Europe: "Maximize a Waveform Generator’s Memory ", June 2011
Test&Measurement World: "Maximize a Waveform Generator’s Memory ", May 2011
Test&Measurement World: "Waveform Generators Vary in Architecture", October 2010
Evaluation Engineering: "DAC Interleaving in Ultra.High-Speed Arbs", December 2009
EDN China: "Unwrapping Wireless Signals (Simplified Chinese)", October 2007
Microwave Engineering: "Direct Synthesis of UWB-WiMedia Signal Generation", October 2007
MOBILE DEV&DESIGN "Direct Synthesis of WiMedia UWB Signals" September 2007
RF Design: "Direct Synthesis of WiMedia Signals", September 2007
Test&Measurement World: "Unwrapping Wireless Signals", January 2007
BestTest Newsletter "Selecting Your Next AWG", October 2005
Evaluation Engineering:
Application Note: RF Measurements in DVB-T and DVB-H Primer, Tektronix
Application Note: Fundamentals of Digital Phosphor Technology, Tektronix
Application Note: RF Signal Monitoring and Spectrum Management, Tektronix
Application Note: Creating Calibrated UWB WiMedia Signals, Tektronix
Application Note: UWB Signal Generation Using Waveform Editing Tools, Tektronix
White Paper: Tabor's Modular & Wonder Wave Series as Signal Sources for RF Testing
White Paper: Wireless Waveform Creation Software for AWGs, National Instruments


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