Our Work, our History


June, 2017: Arbitrary Resources releases presentation on the current state-of-the-art for ultra-high Bandwidth signal generation using Multi-Band AWG architectures.


March, 2016: Arbitrary Resources celebrates 10 years.


January, 2016: New application note “Radar Signal Generation with a High-Performance AWG” created by Arbitrary Resources for Tektronix.


October, 2014: Arbitrary Resources contributes to the definition to the new generation midrange AWG for Tektronix.


June, 2014: New application note “High-Speed DACs” created by Arbitrary Resources for Tektronix.


March, 2014: Patent “Asynchronous time-interleaved waveform generator using harmonic mixing” issued to Joan Mercadé, Arbitrary Resources’ General Manager.


January, 2014: New application note “Coherent Optical Signal Generation with High-Performance AWG” created by Arbitrary Resources for Tektronix.


January, 2013: Arbitrary Resources publishes the “Keysight  Fundamentals of Arbitrary Waveform Generation” 200+ pages book.


August, 2012: Arbitrary Resources publishes the application note “Complex Modulation Generation with  Low-Cost Arbitrary Waveform Generators” for Agilent/Keysight.


June, 2012: Arbitrary Resources appointed to develop application-specific software for the latest generation of high-end ultra-fast Keysight AWGs.


October, 2011: Arbitrary Resources Introduces ArbIQ, a Powerful and Flexible Modulated Signal Generation Tool for Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG).


March, 2011: Arbitrary Resources Launches In-depth Course on "Coherent Optical Communications Signal Analysis and Generation".


June, 2009: OfdmQuad released. Free simulation tool to analyze the effects of quadrature impairments (Quadrature Error & Imbalance) in OFDM systems.


April, 2009: Wind Turbine Effect on DTV Services Studied Using the DBA Software.


September, 2008: Arbitrary Resources Shows the DBA Solution for Advanced DVB-T/H Analysis at the Tektronix Booth in the IBC 2008.


April, 2008: Arbitrary Resources Launches Test Solution to Perform Advanced Digital Broadcast Signal Analysis for the Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers


July, 2007: Tabor Electronics Introduces New Modulation Software Package – “MODULAR”


March, 2007: Tabor Electronics and Arbitrary Resources Form New Strategic Alliance




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